2017 Runoffs Event Schedule Posted

The 2017 SCCA® National Championship Runoffs® event schedule is now available for review on the Runoffs event page at www.scca.com/runoffs.  Test days are planned Sept. 21-24 prior to four days of qualifying, Sept. 25-28, and three days of racing, Sept. 29-Oct. 1, on the 15-turn road course at Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS).


As was the case in 2016, classes will qualify during the same part of the day as their race. Qualifying groups are based on traditional combinations, as well as driver feedback related to anticipated entry counts for this event and class grouping preferences.


As previously stated, a maximum of 72 cars can be on the 2.592-mile course at one time for each session at IMS. If a single class has more than 72 cars, the field will be split into multiple groups for qualifying. While a maximum of 72 cars will start Championship races, a “Last Chance” qualifying race will be utilized Thursday for any classes with more than 72 cars, ensuring each participating driver has the opportunity to take a green flag at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.


Based on survey responses, it is anticipated that SM and SRF3 may have fields in excess of 72 competitors. Arrangements have been made for qualifying so that SRF3 may overflow into SRF.  As such, the two classes will share a car number pool. If SM eclipses 72 cars, it will be split into two sessions, back-to-back. Because of this variable, qualifying session start times have not yet been finalized.


There is time in the schedule each day for 18 sessions, with only 17 groups currently identified. If Spec Miata does not eclipse 72 cars, reassessment of all group sizes will occur to best utilize the additional “open” session accordingly. The daily qualifying schedule, with session start times, should be posted by Sept. 2, well in advance of the event start date.

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David W Sterling Jr.

The only problem I see is for the formula qualifying group that has more than 72 cars registered. There doesn't seem to be any provision for the people at the back of the grid the first day qualifying to get out there until someone in the first 72 cars out comes off the track. The Supps specify how people will be gridded the first day of qualifying  (see 5.7), but I don't see how the people gridded 73 and higher in that qualifying group will get any time on track as the qualifying schedule is set now.

Randy Pobst

I have an outrageous idea:  change the maximum number of cars limit.  Perhaps the number 72 is written in stone, but given the complications, can the field be stretched a bit?

Kurt Breitinger

That is outrageous, Randy!

For SRF3 alone it would be a 46% stretch over the current limit.

Carl Wassersleben

The SCCA has the ability to allow a modification to that rule. It's been done before. May have more to do with Indy or insurance regs. 

Michael Allen Pinney

Looking forward to seeing all my SCCA friends at Indy, should be a great event.

Denny Stripling

I expect that there will be several (if not numerous) drivers running in both SRF and SRF3. As currently scheduled, every qualification session will be back to back for those classes. Any chance we could slot another class in between them to give time for driver/tire/etc changes?

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