Touring Category Backlog

Currently, there are more than 130 letters from Touring category racers in the SCCA® Club Racing Board (CRB) letter log system awaiting consideration.  Most are from drivers asking for competition adjustments, new parts and new classifications.  Some are also from manufacturers asking to have new cars classified.


Jim Wheeler, CRB Chairman, said the Touring Advisory Committee is working through about 100 letters, and the CRB has 30 or so being discussed.  Right now, much of the time on the committee’s calls is spent reviewing data from the Touring classes at the Runoffs® to decide if adjustments are needed for 2018, an activity that is ongoing.


A large part of that process is incorporating the data analysis done by SCCA’s Data Engineer.  Each class has many cars that are profiled and statistically analyzed so accurate conclusions can be made.  These reports take time to generate, and as of last week the committee now has all class data summaries required for analysis.


For 2018, the major change in the Touring classes will be the addition of a restrictor in Touring 4 for the Toyota FR-S/Subaru BRZ, as that platform showed excellent speed and handling during the Runoffs at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The CRB is working hard to get as many adjustments out to the membership during November so competitors have ample time to prepare for the 2018 racing season.


The CRB would like to thank everyone for their patience as the committee diligently and carefully considers all requests to produce appropriate rulings.