You Vote: Who Will Win the '22 Solo Nats? Street Category

More than a thousand autocrossers enter the Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Championships each year, and this year's Lincoln, NE, event, taking place Sept. 6-9, 2022, is no exception. With that in mind, it would be impossible for anyone to accurately guess potential winners of each class, so we're putting the onus on you, giving you the ability to vote for who you believe will be the most successful in each class.

No poll is perfect, and ours stays true to that form. Due to technical constraints (and the fact that these polls are setup by hand), we're forced to cherry pick a few names, then leave you with an "other" option for the times we completely missed the ball. And please count any misspellings as humorous "Starbucks" names.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we'll be bringing you these polls where you can vote for who the winners in each category might be. Right now, it's time for you to take a swing at the Street category. So have at it... 

Who Will Win Super Street?

  • James Yom
  • Rob Clark
  • Rachel Baker
  • Jay Balducci
  • Brian Conners
  • Other
240 total votes

Who Will Win Super Street Ladies?

Who Will Win Super Street R?

Who Will Win A Street?


Who Will Win A Street Ladies?

Who Will Win B Street?

Who Will Win B Street Ladies?

Who Will Win C Street?

Who Will Win C Street Ladies?

Who Will Win D Street?

Who Will Win D Street Ladies

Who Will Win E Street?

Who Will Win E Street Ladies?

Who Will Win F Street?

Who Will Win F Street Ladies?

Who Will Win G Street?

Who Will Win G Street Ladies?

Who Will Win H Street?

Photo by Jon Krolewicz / Staff